If hitting your targets is one of your issues when playing your favorite shooting games, our first reaction is to tell you this type of game is not for you. Our second recommendation is to practice more. And if all else fails, get the Airdrop Gaming HipShotDot.

You see, Airdrop Gaming HipShotDot, a powered red dot attachment for your TV, aims to improve your accuracy so you can shoot from the hip be it with quick scope or no scope. It also improves your KDR and trick scope and reduces your in-game reaction time.

To use, just connect to an available USB port in your console, attach the HipShopDot to your TV and make necessary adjustments to align with the sights of your weapon, and play.

Note, however, you still have to aim. The HipShopDot doesn’t do that for you, you lazy a*ss.

It works with popular 1st and 3rd person shooting games such as Battlefield, Call of Duty, Titanfall, and Destiny. It’s also compatible with Xbox One and 360, PS3 and 4, and Wii and WiiU. But please note that this is compatible with TVs only.

Watch the demo here:


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