Theft of items stowed away in luggage during air travel is more likely than you may think. If you’re a frequent flier or simply have an upcoming trip to some faraway place, you might seriously want to consider investing into your very own AirBolt.


Just what is AirBolt though? It’s a revolutionary travel sized lock designed and developed to be the first Bluetooth enabled smart travel lock. What that means is that AirBolt won’t just keep your items secure but will also ensure that any traveling you do end up doing is fun and care-free. As you’d expect from a “smart lock”, AirBolt is capable of being totally keyless and unlocking with just the press of your button on your smartphone. What’s more, AirBolt can help ease your mind over fears of missing luggage by providing you with data on your luggage’s current whereabouts. It’ll even let you know if TSA has accessed your belongings and whether your bag has been opened!

Speaking about the TSA, this lock is totally TSA compatible so there’s no worries about it  getting cut off for no reason. Truly a must-have product for any traveler!

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AirBolt Is The World's First Smart Lock For Travel
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