Frequent travelers beware: there’s been a rise in baggage-related theft over this past few years. While you’ll never be able to secure your bag if it’s stolen in its entirety, what you can do is ensure that it’s contents are safe and secure by investing in an anti-theft solution like AirBolt.

For those of you not in the know, AirBolt is the world’s first truly smart travel lock. Designed for use on checked baggage but totally useful for a plethora of other reasons, AirBolt is a rope-based lock which uses Bluetooth in order to allow you to remotely activate (or deactivate) the locking mechanism right from your smartphone.


That’s not all, though. AirBolt’s smartphone companion app will actually let you set up a backup unlock code for times when you don’t have your device around and even set alerts should your bag be stolen for you while at the airport or if it’s been misplaced by baggage handlers (Thanks GPS!).

The AirBolt smart travel lock is TSA-complaint and will inform you if your bag has been opened by TSA at any point during it’s route to your final destination.

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AirBolt Is The Best Way To Keep Your Luggage Safe
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