If you’ve ever dreamed of owning a flying Segway here’s your chance. Meet AirBoard, the world’s smallest manned aircraft. Clocking in at just 180cm in length and 150cm in height, AirBoard doesn’t need a huge amount of space to take off and thanks to its vertical take-off and landing system you don’t need to own an entire hanger to use it.


AirBoard is all electric and features a ground collision sensor ensuring a contant height from the ground. Thanks to the sensor, you can even use the device to fly down stairs or up mountains. Worried about flying too high? Relax. AirBoard has a safety mode which limits altitude to 1.5 meters. The aircraft is so easy to control that you don’t need to have actual pilot experience to use it. There’s even a built-in GPS system, security alarm and compass to make sure that you’ll reach your final destination and not have to worry about your AirBoard being stolen. AirBoard is currently seeking funding on Indiegogo so don’t miss out and join the AirBoard revolution today!


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AirBoard Is Like An Amazing Flying Segway From The Future
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