Touchscreens were supposed to be the future, but where have they gone? We’ve been sold a touchscreen dream which has largely been a bust largely due to the lack of adoption by Apple and a couple of other mainstream PC manufacturers. Luckily for us, we can still partake in the touchscreen revolution by ordering AirBar.

If your laptop — or desktop — can run Windows 8, Windows 10, or is a Chromebook, then AirBar can turn it into a touchscreen in a matter of seconds. Created by Neonode, this fairly unobtrusive bar can magnetically attach to the bottom of a laptop screen before being plugged into a USB port for power. Once in place, it’ll then emit an invisible beam of light which’ll track your finger’s movements in order to translate your touches into actions that appear on the screen. The benefit of this approach is that, unlike traditional touch screensthough, Airbar works with fingers, brushes, gloves, and even chopsticks!

You can find out more by checking out Neonode’s official website linked below.

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AirBar Is A Product That'll Transform Your Computer Screen Into A Touchscreen
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