Not into summer concerts? Is going to the beach just “meh” to you? The season doesn’t have to be for music and beach lovers — although both of those things can be improved with a comfortable place to sit and chill. While you might think that we’re writing about some kind of lame beach chair, let us be the first to assure you that the Air Hammock is anything but. Portable, durable, and inflatable, Air Hammock can be taken everywhere and set up anywhere.


Setting up the Air Hammock is easy, too. All you’ll need is either your own lung power or a portable inflator to do the trick. What’s more, it sits two comfortably at one time meaning that you can share it with a friend, family member, or significant other and not have to worry about buying two Air Hammocks — unless you want to lie down on it and use it as its namesake would imply.

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Air Hammock Is A Chair You Can Deploy Anywhere
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