Here’s a nice little advancement out there for you wine snobs. Introducing Aervine – a combined corkscrew and wine aerator that works a bit differently from any other of its kind. Using CNC machined parts, the Aervine consists of aircraft aluminum for the handle, stainless steel for the corkscrew, and cast acrylic for the aerator. No glues and adhesives of any kind. Because, as designer William Ward states, “Why build it at all if it doesn’t work right?” Why indeed?

Here’s how it works differently than most corkscrews: instead of turning the screw into the bottle, you turn the bottle into the corkscrew, enabling yourself to use one hand for holding the bottle opener and the other for turning the bottle into the corkscrew. To aerate, simply remove the corkscrew from the acrylic, hold the acrylic over the glass and pour wine through it. Piece o’cake!

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Aervine: A Combined Corkscrew and Wine Aerator
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