Adult Chocolate Milk reminds you that kids shouldn’t be the ones having all the fun. With this tasty new beverage from the Adult Beverage Co., you can take a staggering step back into the days of your youth with a nice tall bottle of chilled chocolate yum-yum. The only difference in this drink and what you were able to concoct from Hershey’s Syrup back in the day, is that Adult Chocolate Milk contains 20 percent alcohol.

Adult Chocolate Milk is not the only offering from this exciting new company. They’ve also got Orange Cream, Fruit Punch, and Limeade selections. But in our humble opinion, you can’t beat that which comes from the cocoa bean. Adult Beverage Co. promises that it will taste exactly like the real thing, too, which is either a good thing or a bad thing depending on the availability of a designated driver.

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Adult Chocolate Milk
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