Still using white light to brighten up a room? Psh, that's so 20th century! What you need to do if you want to score style points is invest in your very own Mighty Marquee Desk Light. Available with Centipede Graphic, Star Wars Graphic & Donkey Kong Graphics, these colorful and custom-built light boxes will add plenty of pizzazz to any room. What's more, the built-in LEDs provide more than enough illumination and you can even swap out the backlit images whenever you want to change the scene.

If all of that weren't enough, the Mighty Marquee Desk Light offers customization in spades. Should you find the included designs to be a bit repetitive after a while, you can even design your own custom marquees to deck out your desk with your personal touch.

The Mighty Marquee Desk Light is currently on sale on the inStash Shop (linked below). If you hurry and buy one today, you can take advantage of a limited time deal and nab your own for just $17.2

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Add A Little Personality To Your Desk With Mighty Marquee Desk Light
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