We want our kids to play outside just like when we were young. But the problem is gadgets are usually more powerful. But fret not, Actev Arrow Smart-Kart Electric Go is a fun way to entice your child to have fun outside while making sure your wife doesn’t freak out.

This go-kart comes with the Actec App, which allows you to supervise your kids driving. This lets you stop the kart remotely, control its speed, and create driving zones.

The kart is also equipped with an anti-collision feature which automatically stops the Arrow once an obstacle is detected.

Actev Arrow is powered by two independent electric motors, pneumatic rubber tires, and a dual grip steering wheel.

This kart is designed for kids ages 5-9, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with it. Using the Formula Racecar body kits, you can customize this kart and watch your dream slowly lived by your little one. You can also use the Drift Kit, to practice skills on hard surfaces.

Now why is this only for kids?

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This Smart-Kart Gives Both Fun and Peace of Mind
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