Notebooks are great and all, but what’s with the clickity-click keyboard? Those might have been useful back in the middle ages, but today they’re just taking up valuable touch-screen display space. Rip that sucker out and give me another display, for crying out loud! 

Acer has heeded that call with their Iconia Touchbook, a Windows 7-based  “twin tablet” that ditches the traditional keyboard in favor of another 14-inch LED backlit touchscreen display. Tech specs are great, with an Intel Core i5 processor, 4GB RAM, 640GB hard drive, and 1.3 mega-pixel web-cam. But let’s get back to that second display, which is where the wicked cool comes in.

An innovative design like this requires a whole new interface, and Acer has risen to the challenge with a customized, gesture-driven experience that makes good use of both screens. You can slide stuff around with familiar multi-touch controls, select items on a “ring” by making a claw with your hand and spinning it, and pop up an onscreen keyboard when needed. It probably doesn’t predict future crimes, but maybe in a software update.

Also bundled in are a customized touch-based browser, a journal/clipping app, a social media aggregator, and various other useful media  tools all specially prepared to make full use of the dual-tablet concept.

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Acer Iconia | Dual-Screen Touchbook
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