Be the next Hawkeye with this mini crossbow you can take with you everywhere?the Ace Sniper. It's just like the Bowman series but with longer range and a self-loading chamber. Instead of 10-15 meters, the Ace Sniper can fire within the range of 15-25 meters.

Ace Sniper comes in different colors and is made of stainless steel. It uses toothpick as its ammo perfect for practicing your archery skills, getting someone else's attention, or simply ruining someone's day at the office with all the flying toothpicks.

Note, however, that we are not liable for any complaints filed against you by your colleagues. And you have to buy your own toothpicks.

Plus, we don’t think a toothpick can actually kill someone, so no, this is not for self defense.

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Ace Sniper: Your Everyday Carry Mini Crossbow
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