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If you have tried luxury cruising, we’re pretty sure you wished you’ll have the same experience every day the rest of you life. But even if you haven’t tried cruising, we’d bet your brain has, once in a while, wondered how it is like to be Bill Gates—probably living in luxury from the time he opens his eyes.

Now you can get that luxurious experience daily, but, of course, for a price. But we’ll reveal that later. Let’s see first the details of this mansion at 924 Bel Air Rd in California and why you would want to stay here.

First, you get 38, 000 square foot property complete with 12 bedrooms, 21 bathrooms, 3 kitchens, 5 bars, 85-foot infinity pool, a spa and fitness center, a four-lane bowling alley, James-Bond themed cinema, and…we’ll pause a little. Absorb that first and look at this fitness center:

Ready? OK.

$30 million worth of cars, million-dollar art pieces, and Roberto Cavalli table settings (read very, very expensive).

The entire house has four storeys and is made of chrome, glass, and white walls. It’s like a megayacht on land.

The garage is not really a garage but a gallery because it houses the rare Pagani Huayra, “Von Krieger” 1936 Mercedes 540 K Special Roadster, white Ferrari 488, customized Rolls Royce Dawn, and ten “rarest and fastest” motorcycles.

Now that you have kind of imagined what you’ll get, let’s talk about the price. As the title suggests, it’s the most expensive home in the US market today, but we’ll break it to you gently. Write down the numbers two and five (in that order) then add seven zeros.

Yup. That’s two-hundred and fifty #%%*! million dollars.

That’s alright, man. Who needs 21 bathrooms anyway?

But, honestly, I’ve never been mad at myself for being this poor.

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924 Bel Air Rd: The Most Expensive Home Yet
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