Who has time to tend to a garden anymore? Furthermore, who even has the space to grow plants these days? Well, if you invested in your own 7sensors Grow Box, you wouldn’t ever have to worry about taking time out of your busy schedule to grow plants. You see, the Grow Box is the world’s first automated and truly organic grow box — a device which will automatically grows your plants all year around by automatically adjusting itself to provide just the right amount of sunlight, water, temperature and humidity.

As you’d expect from a device released in 2016, the 7sensors Grow Box automatically syncs to your smartphone via Bluetooth in order to provide you with fine-grain control over the growing conditions. You’ll even receive certain notifications if something were to go wrong so that you can respond immediately and never lose another plant again.

7sensors is currently seeking funding for their automated Grow Box. If you think this is a great idea then don’t hesitate to become a backer via the link below.

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7Sensors' Automated Grow Box Takes The Complication Out Of Gardening
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