Those of you who've read inStash over the years know that key jangle is a real pet peeve of ours. Not only do you make an unnecessary amount of noise when you walk, but having all of those excess keys in your pocket make it exponentially more difficult to find the right key. Who needs all that frustration in their life when the 6-Key Swivel Wallet is readily available at an affordable price?


As its name implies, this "key wallet" can readily hold up to 6 of your most used keys in an easy to access swivel keyring. With its sleek, anodized surfaces, 4 neodymium magnets, and a perfectly engineered stainless steel locking pin, "durable" is somewhat of an understatement when describing this wallet.

If you're curious and want to take advantage of an amazing once-in-a-lifetime deal then make sure you check out the inStash link below for purchasing information.

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6-Key Swivel Wallet Ends Key Jangle For Good
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