Each year people like us get super-excited over the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Any company with an electronic knickknack or doodad has to put in an appearance if they want to be taken seriously, and they have to come packing their latest, most exciting and innovative products. This year is no exception.

Just taking one CES event, you could fill a book with the why-didn’t-I-think-of-that and how-did-they-think-of-that ideas. We’re attempting to narrow it down to just five, so forgive the brevity. For compiling this list, we decided to forgo some of the obvious must-haves in favor of some products the general population may not know about (but should).

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Project Christine From Razer

With the brand new Mac Pro — last year’s tech darling — Apple rather wisely stuffed the guts and brains of a high-velocity computing experience into one aluminum cylinder with plenty of inputs, so you (the user) could configure the rest of the system how you want. Project Christine from Razer is in this same family of independent thought, though it delivers the goods on a Windows platform instead of the OS X.

Razer is known for building technology with the gamer in mind, and this modular creation is no exception. As you can see from the image above, Christine can be built upon or left in a more barebones variety depending on what you need from it. It also follows in the footsteps of Razer’s previous products that cater to the high-end gamer. Cost hasn’t been announced yet, but you can read more on the specs over at the Windows blog. This is definitely a unique addition to the tower computing family.

Price: TBA


iOptik From Innovega

Innovega believes that you should be able to see sharply whether you’re 24 inches away from something or miles from where you’re standing. That’s why they’ve developed a smart contact lens, which can help you do just that. The iOptik lens can be paired with a pair of vision enhancing glasses that the company also creates for a replication of the Google Glass concept, only done on a much grander scale.

Blurred vision and squinting to see will become things of the past as iOptik allows you to see in much deeper detail than what the human eye is capable of seeing. Some might even consider your vision to be that of a superhero. (Until we all start wearing ’em, of course!) Again, we don’t have a cost on the lens or the glasses just yet, but recommend that you bookmark this link and sign on for updates through Innovega.

Price: TBA

powerall 2


One thing you’ll never be able to accuse CES of is shutting out manufacturers with portable phone accessories. Not only are there lots of companies and products in the market, but several have their own charging devices that all seem to run together, except when you’re talking about the PowerAll.

We haven’t seen a price on this one yet, so we’ll just leave things at, “She’s worth it.” Not only can the PowerAll charge your phone up to six times on a single charge, it can also jumpstart your car 20 times before it ever needs a drink. Featuring two USB ports, a built-in 86-lumen flashlight, and an impressive 12,000 mAh power supply, this is a wintertime car or truck necessity. Hat tip to Popular Science for spotting this one at this year’s event.

Price: $100

YellowJacket StunGun Charger

Imagine this. You’re walking out of a night class or getting off the late shift. You had some questions you had to ask the teach or boss, and that kept you from leaving with everyone else. You bid the authority a farewell and begin walking out to your car while texting your significant other that you’re leaving. That’s when a man approaches out of nowhere. He has a knife, and he’s demanding all your money.

You a) give him everything he asks for and risk getting killed anyway, or b) push the stun gun function on your phone case and zap his groin. Then, as he lies on the ground you kick him until he stops moving. And then laugh and laugh and laugh. All of that could become a reality if you pick up a YellowJacket StunGun Charger.

Price: $150


Mophie SpacePack

Not another iPhone 5/5S case! Yes, I’m afraid so, but you probably won’t mind once you hear what it is. The Mophie SpacePack is a protective case that charges your phone while also adding your choice of 16GB or 32GB storage, all manageable from the product app that you load onto your phone.

Now instead of being compelled to pay iCloud fees or buying a bigger phone, you can simply grab one of these and latch it on. Since there are two storage options, there are also two different prices. The 16GB sells for $150, while the 32GB can be yours for just $30 more.

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