We’re deep into August and the month is already proving to be a whopper when it comes to crowdfunding projects. From Indiegogo to Kickstarter and back again, numerous creators took to the ‘net to ask internet denizens to vote with their dollars and let them live their dreams. Considering how many projects have been launched, we figured we’d start sifting through all the cruft and show you our top 5 Kickstarter gems.


1) #INFRA – The World’s First Infrared Photography App


Pro tip: Just backing this project at $5 will get you the app upon release as well as bragging rights for having taken part in an Infrared Photo revolution! Hurry though, the project ends on the 15th!

This summer has been jammed-packed with Photo Apps, each promising to transform your images into works of art. As its name implies, #INFRA actually emulates Infrared Photography in order to create psychedelic images which harken back to 1969. It’s basically a Hipster’s dream!


2) The Superbook – A $99 Device Which Transforms Your Smartphone Into a Laptop


Pro tip: If you pledge via Kickstarter, you can get $14 off via the Early Bird special!

We’ve written about The Superbook before and we’re willing to do so again. Why? Nothing screams “cool” quite like being able to turn your smartphone into a laptop in literally seconds. This project deserves your support and truly pushes technology forward.


3) “This is Fine” Plush Dog


Pro tip: $25 gets you the dog but for just $10 more you’ll get a pretty cool “play pak”.

Just look at the awesomeness that is this meme come to life. Need we say more?


4) ZUBITS Magnetic Lacing Solution


Pro tip: $13 to never tie your shoes again? Sign us up!

While we don’t know exactly how many collective hours of your life is taken away by tying your shoes each morning, we’re willing to bet it adds up to be at least a day. That’s a whole lot of time that you could be using on a million better things! ZUBITS Magnetic Lacing Solution aims to restore that time to you, and remove a minor annoyance from your life. That alone makes it worth supporting.

5) Monkii Bars 2


Pro tip: While the Early Bird special has sold out, $119 still gets you your own Monkii Bars 2 at 50% off!

Summer may be drawing to a close but there’s still a month-and-a-half left. That means that there’s plenty of time to shed those pounds and release your inner hunk on the world! Monkii Bars 2 is a portable gym that you can take anywhere, allowing you to exercise anytime and anywhere. How cool is that?


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