InStash has come a long way since we thought 3D printers came with those dorky glasses. But we’re still mightily enthused about the concept of fabricating objects so easily.  This hot pink owl?  I made it myself!  

3DMonstr (you guessed it, still in Kickstarter phase) bills itself as a next generation 3D printer.  The entrepreneurs say they found a gap in the market when looking for a printer that could print a rocket engine.  Story checks out–I run into that all the time.  They wanted something with a big build volume that was also modular and easy enough to use. They’re also proud of the four extruders.  The beast prints at 110 mm/s and will give you resolution up to 40 microns. The largest of the machines boasts a build volume of 24″x24″x24,” bigger than almost any owl found in nature.

The company also promises the machine can make chocolate, frosting, and cheese.  A frosted cheesy chocolate owl?  Only if they get funded.

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3DMonstr: Does The World Really Need Another 3D Printer? Yep!
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