Retro is in, and the Gramohorn Acoustic Speaker is a smartphone dock (specifically for the HTC One) with a look and feel of the Jazz Age.  Whether you’re pumping out some Hoagy Carmichael or running the latest Florence and the Machine track through these silver horns, you’ll have a great conversation starter at your gatherings.

Modeled on original gramophones, the new gadget comes to us through HTC UK’s Here’s to Creativity campaign, which chooses designs from up-and-coming  brains and brings them to life.  In this case, the design involves not only gramophone acoustics, but also the 3D printing that fabricates the machine.  The 3D printer uses plaster-based composites and the customer orders it in the color of his choice.

The acoustic speakers are truly acoustic, working on the power of the HTC One rather than plugging into the wall.  They employ dual resonance chambers to deliver smooth bass tones; overall the sound is complex and clear.

Probably the most unique features of the Gramohorn is its limited run — only 100 will be 3-D printed.

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3D-Printed Gramohorn Invites You Back To The Jazz Age
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