The 360 5.1 Virtual Surround Sound Earbuds use a technology that aims to change the standard delivery of sounds. It offers the best listening experience and exceptional fidelity. The earbuds combine electro-acoustic materials and theories to create the ultimate virtual surround sound.

The 360 5.1 Virtual Surround Sound Earbuds has superb base with 8 Hz-20 KHz dynamic frequency range. The mechanical structure of this patented technology does not depend on the digital alternatives to improve its sound. It is designed and created to offer a specific output.

The 3 Cavity Acoustic Structure (360) integrates a middle layer that was designed from a combination of resin, inorganic non-metallic mineral powder, and viscoelastic material. The purpose of which is to decrease the diffraction and acoustic reflection, as well as, reduce the transmission of internally produced sound. The viscoelastic material located in its mechanical structure, a material that’s unique to 360 earbuds, absorbs the unwanted feedback to give you an optimal acoustic environment. Hence, it improves the sound quality and acoustic privacy of the earbuds.

With its specially-designed diaphragm and speakers, the 360 5.1 Virtual Surround Sound Earbuds allows its users to experience ultimate listening sound. Additionally, the specially-designed speakers use high impedance and strong pressure to create an immersive and full surround sound experience.

The 360 5.1 Virtual Surround Sound Earbuds has 5-frequency mechanical dividers, so the frequencies can be clearly separated to offer every user the best sound clarity. Apart from the 5-frequency mechanical dividers, the earbuds also has mechanical subwoofer bass response to provide you with the clearest bass. Thus, this patented technology is perfect for sports, movies, and music.

Other 360 5.1 Virtual Surround Sound Earbuds features include the input button, in-line microphone, 12 mm driver, 32Ω ± 15% impedance, 107dB ± 3dB, SPL at 1kHz, 1mW sensitivity, 8Hz – 20kHz response frequency, 4.3” cord length, gold plated 3.5mm audio jack, premium aluminum casing, and durable double layered TPE card.

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360 5.1 Virtual Surround Sound Earbuds
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