You know how everyone says, “Watches have so much stuff crammed inside them, they don’t even have enough room for the clock part!”? I’ve got $200k to refute that.

Enter the Claret 21 BlackJack Watch, featuring actual working casino games inside an analog watch. I’ll say it again – an analog watch. At the lower part of the dial are four windows for the player’s cards. At the upper part are three windows for the dealer’s cards. Underneath the dial are a series of spinning plates with the cards illustrated on them, making both the outer and the inner workings something incredibly unique.

There’s also a dice game featuring two 1.5mm  dice, as well as a roulette wheel on the back of the watch under antiglare glass. Mind you, this isn’t some abnormally large piece of male jewelry – it’s a fairly standard-sized men’s watch.

Some might say, “Well, this is a waste of money,” but if you want a true conversation piece anywhere you go and you’ve got the disposable income to dispose of, you could find worse ways to spend $200,000.

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21 BlackJack Watch | By Christophe Claret
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