The 2018 RUF SCR, commonly mistaken to be a Porsche 911, is a completely custom-based, all RUF creation. It is approximately 2,755 pounds, has a 4.0-liter 6-cylinder boxer engine, and a carbon fiber Porsche-inspired sports car. An awesome thing about this new SCR is that it's powered by a 510HP.

Its new foundations are very impressive. There's no trace of any old Porsche 911 features in its make-up. You can really see the difference since it's all built, engineered, and designed by the RUF.

The 2018 RUF SCR has a main central carbon-fiber tub secured with a unified roll cage that supports the roof. Attached to the primary composite structure are the rear and front subframes that are supported by a double-wishbone suspension. The rear that holds the gearbox and engine also has a pushrod actuated bumper.

As for 2018 RUF SCR's chassis, it is purely built on the same advanced platform as the RUF CTR. Other 2018 RUF SCR specs are very notable. It has an engine that makes its 510 ponies at a stratospheric 8,270 RPM and it has a maximum torque of 347 lb-ft that comes in at 5,760 RPM. All of these are sent through a 6-speed manual and can bring this rear-engine carbon-fiber RUF goodness to a maximum speed of 199 mph.

Additionally, its outer body is built from carbon-fiber and has carbon ceramic brakes. The seats are fixed-back hound's tooth Recaro.  When it comes to RUF SCR's suspension, the push-rod design is found in all 4 corners. It is ultimately connected to a carbon-fiber monocoque. In addition, the fuel economy is approximately 17 MPG.

Although this 2018 RUF SCR won't be cheap, the specs speak for itself. If you want a Retro Porsche lookalike, this 2018 SCR can give you what you want and more. The atmospherically fed engine, involving manual gearbox, and high-quality carbon-fiber blend can promise you an engaging and thrilling sports car.

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Is the 2018 RUF SCR the New Porsche 911 Lookalike?
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