When the late, great John Z. DeLorean introduced the DMC DeLorean-12 almost three decades ago, it was an instant hit—receiving accolades left and right, from car aficionados to gadgetry-lovin’ geeks everywhere. Sadly, John died in 2005 whilst actually planning the launch of a new DeLorean, but a few brave souls have come forth to resurrect his dream into a viable, marketable product.

Meet the hella-exciting, upcoming DeLorean EV. As DMC (DeLorean Motor Cars) of Texas has apparently been reborn—thanks to the relatively-unknown electric car company Epic EV—and although much of the details have been very carefully guarded thus far, the new DeLorean will almost inevitably retain the legendary gull-wing doors and boast a new, 1+ gigawatt/hour electric battery. However, unlike most DIY DeLoreans you see these days, the real deal is speculated to cost just short of 100k Benjamens.

Slated to undergo production as early as 2013, just imagine the awesomeness that would be Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) and Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd) reuniting to test drive the first production DeLorean EV!

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2013 DMC DeLorean
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