Seems like everybody’s getting into SUV’s these days, even those super high-end auto makers you generally associate with sleek, fast cars you can’t fit your camping gear into and wouldn’t dare drive within a mile of mud.The latest into the SUV market: Maserati, with the 2012 Kubang. Make no mistake, although this is an SUV and will handily carry your hockey bag, it’s also a high performance vehicle. It’s packing a Ferrari V8 with 390 horsepower of pure thunder. It can go 0 to 60mph in a blistering 5.5 seconds, and tops out at 155mph

And it’s no slouch on the outside either. It’s designed by the same guy who dreamed up the Lotus Esprit, the Ferrari 250GT, and the Saab 9000. So naturally it’s got curves in all the right places, looking equal parts SUV and sports car, with a low and sporty driving position that ensures you won’t feel anything like a soccer mom.

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2012 Maserati Kubang
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