Who said quality gas mileage had to come at the cost of driving something that looked like crap? Certainly not the makers of the 2012 Imperia GP! For retro car enthusiasts, the Imperia GP is a familiar body that was popular during the first part of the 20th Century. However, what wasn’t possible during that time was a hybrid mix of gasoline and electric motor. The 1.6-liter turbo four boasts 207 horsepower and combines with 134 horsies from the motor to produce a 0-62 acceleration rate in just 4 to 6 seconds. Not bad for an environmentally conscious ride!

The Imperia GP debuted in its native homeland at the Belgian Auto Show. While it is not exactly “hot rod” material, it is definitely the answer for those of you who’ve been complaining about the looks of hybrid cars with its sleek black paint job and classic but modern build. While it’s a tad pricey at $124k, you’ll be doing your environment a favor.

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2012 Imperia GP
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