You could tie a thousand horses to a really stylish wagon, or you could be one of the lucky twelve who nab the new Hennessey Twin Turbo V1000 coupe, which has a thousand horses hidden strategically under the hood. 

That’s right, 1000 horsepower. That’ll take you from 0 to 60 in just about three and a half seconds, generating enough G-force to flatten the bone structure of your face. Those horses are jammed inside the 427 cid LS V8 Engine with twin ball bearing turbochargers, upgraded fuel system, and high flow cylinder heads. You can almost hear the thunder of the hooves when you take her up to her max of 230 mph.

Outside, she’s got a CarbonAero CTS-V Widebody Upgrade and carbon fiber everything, down to the rear fender flares. Hennessey monoblock wheels are loaded with Michelin pilot super sport tires on a lowered 1” suspension with factory magnetic ride control. And inside, as if there was any doubt, everything is upgraded leather. Even the floor mats are premium.

And remember, there’s only twelve being made. There’s just not enough horses in the world to make any more.

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2012 Hennessey Twin Turbo V1000 CTS-V Coupe
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