Just in time for the winter–or maybe a little late for some of us–comes the 2011 Yamaha Apex SE Snowmobile, which boasts expert handling, comfort and power unsurpassed by any other snowmobile out there. Capable of speeds at 35 miles per hour–believe us, you don’t want to go where this thing can go any faster than that–the design and build of the Apex SE is efficient and powerful all at once.

Featuring a four-cylinder engine for power, newly designed skis for cornering ability, and Mono Shock II Air in the rear suspension department, the 2011 Yamaha Apex SE Snowmobile allows you to speed up and down the trails with more of a coasting effect. Great addition to the garage if you live anywhere in the U.S. that’s getting pounded with wintry weather. Go to the store, get out of the house, run down your neighbor’s dog for crapping on the lawn–the Apex is, in a word, versatile.

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2011 Yamaha Apex SE Snowmobile
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