At the end of a long week, there is nothing left to do but take your frustrations out on the weekend. Until now, however, your side-by-side probably wasn’t enough to adequately express your disdain. Introducing the 2011 Can-Am Commander, a beastly little black-and-gold unit that is sure to get your adrenaline pumping. With unparalleled power in the side-by-side industry, a vast amount of cargo storage, and suspension that’ll cushion every last bump, this monster is a different way to ride off the beaten path.

The 2011 Can-Am Commander will sail over rocks and crags, mud tracks, and even small bodies of water without tuckering out. In fact, you will probably have had enough long before this thing has. For off-road enthusiasts only, models start at around $11,700, which isn’t a heck of a lot, all things considered. If you’ve got the money to burn, then by all means, light up!

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2011 Can-Am Commander
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