Aside from the bad dating habits Millennials have been known for (which is, by the way, not at all related to this post), they (OK, we) prefer to work remotely—at home, at a coffee shop, on the daily commute—literally everywhere as long as internet and laptop can accompany us.

But then the challenges arise because no matter how advanced the current technology is, it’s still limited. Case in point, our gadgets’ batteries. We haven’t seen one that goes on an on for years without the need to be recharged.

The good thing about modern technology is that it never fails to give us solutions too. So here’s the messenger bag that fits your 15-inch laptop and charges it at the same time thanks to its 10,000mAh built-in battery. In the language of smartphones, 10,000mAh is enough juice to charge your device five to six times.

The 1Voice charging messenger bag is mostly made of wool, has compartments for your devices, and an adjustable/removable strap to fit your comfort.

Of course, there are other solutions such as portable chargers. But with the bulk they entail, no thank you.

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1Voice Charging Messenger Bag for only $49.99
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