Back in the 19th century it was easy to look wealthy and sophisticated. Just wear a top hat, pop in your monocle, check your pocket watch, and say “harumph”. Bingo, you’re an aristocrat. Nowadays top hats and monocles are hard to come by, but at least one of these classy affectations is coming back.

The 1805 Imperial Phantom from March LA.B is a Napoleonic-era-inspired pocket watch on a chain, with some modern design and functionality flourishes worked in. It’s got an analog alarm, which no doubt watches in the French Empire sadly lacked, and a snake coil chain with two choices of chain clasp. The glass is anti-reflective mineral crystal with sapphire coating, and if you happen to be foolish enough to wear it when you’re snorkeling, it’s good to 50 meters. It also comes with a stand so you can show it off when you’re not harumphing around town.

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1805 Imperial Phantom Pocket Watch
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