Friday the 13th films are not known and loved for their story lines. To make a good one, it’s pretty simple. Start with a kill to let us know Jason is out there. Introduce annoying teenagers and allow them to be obnoxious for the first half of the film. At halfway mark, turn Jason loose and have him start killing everyone in the nastiest ways possible. In the end, let someone get away, but leave it open for a sequel. All there is to it.

What we do love these films for is their inventiveness when it comes to “killing” people. Special FX masters like the great Tom Savini (parts one and four) have put in a lot of work to turn Jason Voorhees legendary. They are the true stars, and here are 13 examples of their finest work.

Warning: the videos, if you click ’em, are filled up with fake violence and gore as well as the occasional skin shot and curse word. If easily offended, don’t play them. However, if you clicked on this article, there’s a pretty good chance you’re not. To you, we say, “Enjoy!” (Oh yeah, and SPOILERS!)

13. Allen Hawes — Friday The 13th Part VI: Jason Lives

Poor Ron Pallilo. Everyone thought he had leading man qualities when he starred as Horshack on Welcome Back, Kotter. (Sarcasm.) Here he is reduced to victim number one in the comeback of Jason after taking part five off. Method of execution: a heart punch that would make Mark Calaway proud.

12. Axel — Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter (which, in this series, means part four)

So obnoxious and misogynistic, Axel just had to go the moment we laid eyes on him at the beginning of part four. Luckily, Jason didn’t waste any time, using a hacksaw to start the job and a nice, swift twist to finish it.

11. Vicky — Friday The 13th Part II

Vicky thought she was meeting Mark for a rendezvous. Unfortunately, ’twas not Mark but Jason hiding under the covers.

10. Rick — Friday The 13th Part III

Rick was to be the gruff male hero in part three until Jason gave his head a nice squeeze and his eyeball came shooting out to the benefit of 3D audiences everywhere.

9. Jimmy Mortimer — Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter

Crispin Glover not only gave The Final Chapter some of its best dance moves, he also became the victim of intense overkill as if Jason saw those moves from earlier in the film and was not impressed.

8, 7, And 6. Vera, Andy, And Debbie — Friday The 13th Part III

The deaths in question come at 31, 37, and 43 seconds, respectively. Vera is the infamous spear through the eyeball, while Andy gets whacked in two while walking on his hands and Debbie buys it thanks to a knife from under the hammock after discovering Andy’s body hanging from the rafters. Rough stuff, but this is Friday the 13th. Get over it!

5. Mark — Friday The 13th Part 2

Surely the guy in the wheelchair will make it out ali — holy mother of pearl, was that a machete he just took to the face? Yes, we believe it was.

4 And 3. Jeff And Sandra — Friday The 13th Part 2

The infamous twofer where Jason uses one spear to kill two people at once. In typical slasher movie fashion, the youngsters didn’t see it coming until it was too late — the price you pay for getting frisky in a slasher film.

2. Debrah — Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday

Debrah is probably the sixth or seventh victim in Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday. It’s a truly rotten film; however, her death scene is inspired. Here, Jason uses a road sign he tore from the ground to do some serious damage. Her death comes relatively early in the video. Do not watch if you’re squeamish or opposed to nudity.

1. Jack Burrel — Friday The 13th (1980)

I’ve seen this film 100 times if I’ve seen it once, and Kevin Bacon’s death scene still gets me a little off-guard every time. You know it’s coming, but the build is phenomenal and the musical cue is truly stunning. One of our favorite kills in horror movies, period (not just Friday the 13th).

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