Aside from giving our readers the latest trends about anything manly, we at InStash also want you to be prepared for any venture you want to explore.

Since classes will start very soon, we will dress you up and equip you with gadgets to ace your classes and everything in between.

13 items each student needs

Dorm needs

1. Lumie Bodyclock Starter 30


What is it?

Lumie Bodyclock Starter 30 combines the power of light and sound to wake you up. But unlike regular alarm clocks, this body clock doesn’t startle you when it goes off. Instead, it slowly starts to light up like the sun 30 minutes before your set alarm rings.

Why you need it

According to a Harvard article, light affects our sleep. We have light sensitive cells in our retina that tell us whether it is nighttime or daytime.

So without any more medical jargons, it only means that when these cells start seeing the light, they signal the brain to wake our body up because it’s hustle time.

Who likes to wake up to an annoying buzzing sound first thing in the morning?

Not us. And we know you don’t like it either.

Price: $79.26

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2. SOAIY Sleep Soother


What is it?

SOAIY Sleep Soother is a night lamp that features the Aurora light show that may be seen in two ways. One, with the dome cover on, you will see a little light show on the cover. Two, with the cover off, the light show will be projected onto your ceiling.

To send you faster to the hay stack, use the built-in speaker to play lullabies or binaural beats.

Why you need it

Waking up the right way is not the only key to a healthy college life; you have to sleep well too. Counting sheep no longer works for college students. You need more abstract images to tire your brain with.

Lullabies and binaural beats are also proven to relax your brain, hence, sending you to the dreamland faster.

Price: $20.99

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3. West Bend Toaster


What is it?

You may have seen the egg-and-muffin toaster we featured before. West Bend Toaster is similar only it has more slots for your muffin and egg.

This toaster is durable and stainless, so no need to worry about rusts. It has browning control knobs so you get perfectly browned toasts every time. Plus, the slot for the muffins is bigger. You can fit almost any thick bread and bagels.

Why you need it

Because college. You need all the energy in the world to survive the day.

Price: $68.99

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4. Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee


What is it?

Four Sigmatic’s Mushroom coffee mix is a combination of Arabica coffee, Lion’s Mane Mushroom, Siberian Chaga Mushroom, and Wild Rhodiola Root.

These ingredients are known to boost focus, alertness, energy levels plus they are touted to contain antioxidants.

Why you need it

Aside from protein, carbs, and extra fats, you also need your cup of joe to keep your energy levels high. But not so high that the mere sight of your professor entering the classroom makes your heart beat abnormally fast.

Four Sigmatic’s Mushroom coffee mix does just that—appropriate alertness sans palpitation and shit.

Price: $14.99

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5. Quicklock


What is it?

The Quicklock is a type of lock that locks what needs to be locked.

It has two types: the padlock and the door lock. The former may be used with almost anything that needs security—bikes, lockers, luggage—anything except probably your heart. The latter is, of course, for doors.

To ensure only you can unlock them, both these locks are Bluetooth and RF/NFC enabled. It allows you to lock and unlock using your smartphone and lets you know if someone is trying to access it without your permission.

They’re also durable and weather resistant, so they won’t erode easily.

Why you need it

Your body is not the only one that requires preparation. Your precious possessions should be kept safe too.

To make sure there’s nobody, nobody but you (clap four times) touches your things, use the Quicklock.

Price: $69.99

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6. Digital BBQ Tongs


What is it?

Digital BBQ tongs are used just like the regular ones, but it has an LCD that shows the temperature and time plus an alarm that tells you “hey, it’s party time!”

Why you need it

College life is not complete without the weekend parties. To help ensure you have an awesomely grilled meat each time, grab a pair of these tongs. It helps you know if your grill is hot enough to be taken off the heat.

Price: $29.80

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7. Jordan Trainer 2 Flyknit “Michigan”


What is it?

These shoes are the result of a collaboration between the Jordan Brand and Michigan Wolverines organization.

The intricately woven upper features the school’s hues; the heel area has the taglines “Go Blue” and “Jordan”; the support strap on the vamp region has Jumpman logo.

Why you need it

You don’t have to be enrolled at Michigan University to sport these Jordan shoes. The combination of blue and yellow reflects the coolness of Jordan shoes and the hotness of summer while the woven upper gives your feet room to breathe.

Price: $140

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8. Steer Wearable Driving Aid


What is it?

Steer watch is originally designed for drivers in mind. It detects drowsiness level through heart rate and skin conductance.

It helps them stay awake by vibrating and blinking the yellow light. If the heart rate gets lower, a tolerable electric shock will surely knock the drowsiness off.

Why you need it?

Not to badmouth your professors or anything, but we’re sure you’ll be in at least one class where you wish you were still in bed.

Price: $115

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9. Ghostek NRG Solar Backpack


What is it?

This is a backpack that does more than just carrying your school items. It also has 16,000 mAh battery capacity that can juice up your phone several times or multiple devices at once with the help of the 5 built-in USB ports.

It has a solar panel that recharges this battery, so you are assured you’ll never run out of power.

The 40L capacity guarantees your gadgets have enough room while the laptop compartment safeguards your laptop in place.

Why you need it

Need we say more?

Price: $160

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School needs

10. Rocketwave book


What is it?

The Rocketwave booklets you write like a normal human being using Pilot FriXion pen and paper while also allowing you to save like an alien this written information into the cloud using your smartphone.

The best part? You can erase the entire content of this notebook by popping it into a microwave like a cup of coffee.

The notebook has 80 pages and may be reused 5 times. Without doing the math, we know this is enough for at least one term.

Why you need it

Taking photos of the professor’s lectures or asking for copies of the slides is run-of-the-mill. But there are professors (insert an English teacher’s name here) who will still require you to write manually.

Knowing the number of writing projects you need to accomplish for this class, we know that one notebook sans a digital copy isn’t enough.

Price: $27

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11. C-pen exam


What is it?

The C-pen exam reads the words for you. It’s as long as a sharpie but a bit heavier at 50 g.

You use it by scanning the sentences then this pen saves it in an audio format. You then grab your wired headset and listen to the words being dictated right in your ear. It can read other languages too!

Why you need it

Reading is essential. Unfortunately, not everyone can. If you are one of those who are struggling to make sense of the words and letters you see on the board, the C-pen exam is for you.

Price: $262.50

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12. Mobile C50 flash drive


What is it?

What do you get if you combine A-, B-, and C-type USB connectors? A Swiss Army USB aka Mobile C50! This flash drive makes sure you can share data with almost any device by integrating all these connector types into one body.

Now you don’t have to worry about the various interfaces because the C50 has a solution for it,

Also, the storage capacity of up to 128GB lets you stash a good deal of files without needing to delete them to free up some space.

The best part is that this flash drive is so small and compact, you can attach it to your key holders or bags.

Why you need it

Digital files are prevalent. Sharing them is most of the time a requirement. Taking your bulky external drive with you plus the various cables because you don’t know which one is compatible and démodé.

Price: NA

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13. AirBar for MacBook Air


What is it?

AirBar is a plug-and-play device that transforms your ordinary MacBook Air 13.3” into a revolutionary touchscreen laptop. It uses AlwaysOn® sensors, so the screen becomes very responsive to your touch.

To use, just plug it into the USB port, and voila! The unlimited touching begins.

Why you need it

What’s the next best thing after Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak? A touch screen function for your MacBook Air, of course!


Well, anyway, imagine all the shortcuts you can make with it on your MacBook Air 13.3”. No need for the touchpad, the magic mouse, and the keyboard shortcuts. To borrow Pink’s line, it’s just “U + Ur hand.”

Price: $79.00

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