You’re not stupid. No one has to tell you that the holidays are upon us, so we’ll just skip right over that jazz and tell you that if you’re planning on picking up a new wallet for either yourself or the guy on your shopping list, minimalism is the way to go. You’ll find no shortage of great designs on the market this shopping season, though you’ll find that you may have to hit up Kickstarter or IndieGogo for some of the most innovative. We’ve broken it down for you and picked the 10 most miser-friendly minimalist wallets of 2013 in case you don’t know where to start. Also, don’t forget to check out some of our past selections here.

flexy 20 flexy 201

Flexy 2.0 Titanium Un-Wallet

We’ll confess that we didn’t even know there was a Flexy 1.0, but that’s okay. We’d probably just have to trade up for this latest incarnation anyway. The Flexy 2.0 Titanium Un-Wallet has a sturdy build, imposing look, and just the right amount of give to make it perfect for lugging around your cards and cash while remaining at the thickness of a smartphone (as seen in the photo above).

Cost: $17

anso wallet anso wallet 2

Matrix: The Anso Credit Card Holder

We live in an increasingly paperless society, and if you’ve made your piece with that and decided to forgo carrying dollar bills, then you may want to pass on the frivolities and carry a simple credit card holder. Matrix from Anso Knives is durable, attractive, lightweight, and comes in a variety of beautiful colors. It also holds up to six of your most used cards.

Cost: $250


HOLDz Minimal Leather Wallet

The HOLDz Minimal Leather Wallet has just launched over at IndieGogo, and it should do well once the word gets out. The leather and stitching on this bad boy look like they were transported here from the Old West, and the capacity will ensure you have all your major cards with you at all times. Unlike many of the other minimalist jobs on this list, HOLDz can actually carry up to 10 cards without tearing out stitches or making you feel like you’re carrying a filing cabinet under half of your butt. Accompanying money clip ensures you’ve got the greenbacks as well.

Cost: $39

articulate wallet 20

Articulate Wallet 2.0

We’ve already brought the Articulate Wallet 2.0 to you once this year, but it’s worth mentioning again for the variety of styles, the minimalist approach to cash-and-card carry, and the RFID blocking capabilities, which should become the standard for all wallets in our age of easy identity theft. Each incarnation of the Articulate Wallet gets better than the last, and we highly recommend you pick this one up if you’re on a budget but don’t want to sacrifice quality.

Cost: $25

clean-cut wallet


The Clean-Cut Wallet

Yet another minimalist wallet to hit Kickstarter in the coming weeks, this uniquely designed Clean-Cut Wallet comes in five attractive colors and combines the use of genuine leather with the functionality of elastic for a money/cardholder that will feel comfortable whether it’s in your front, back, or shirt pocket.

Cost: $12

backslider rfid blocking wallet

Backslider: RFID Blocking Wallet

The Backslider takes your privacy seriously with a RFID blocking wallet that also boasts a unique design which keeps your necessary cards on the inside of your wallet and the cash on the outside. You’ll feel lighter walking around with this thing in your pocket, and you’ll also be able to shop in piece knowing that identity thieves won’t be able to break through the material.

Cost: $20

trofeo wallet 3 trofeo wallet 2

Trofeo Wallet

The Trofeo Wallet is made of an extremely high quality material that meets The Association for Contract Textiles (ACT) specifications for heavy-duty use. It also happens to be crafted from the textile that is primarily used for seating in the rarest versions of the rarest sports cars, including the Porsche 911 GT3 RS 4.0, the Lamborghini Super Trofeo Stradale, and the Maserati Gran Turismo MC Stradale.

Cost: $20

ghost wallet

Ghost Wallet

One of few minimalist wallet creations that didn’t get a Kickstarter campaign this year — at least one that we know about — is the Ghost Wallet. This ultra-slim carrier can hold one to four credit or ID cards securely, plus cash. The clip-like top holds your cards in place, so you don’t have to worry about losing anything. The thumb notch on the back grants easy access to your cards and cash. And the overall thickness is just 6.5mm!

Cost: $34

slim wallet

SLIM: Precision Machined Wallet

SLIM is a sleek, lightweight, precision machined wallet designed to hold up to six cards plus all your bank notes. Machined to high tolerances from a solid block of Brass, Aluminium 6061, or Titanium, you’ll enjoy its durable, long-life, elastic strap intertwined within the wallet, meaning that nothing can become loose or lost. The elastic strap design produces a dual-layered strap, which allows bank notes to be strapped securely in place in the smaller inner section.

Cost: TBA


Shamrock RFID Blocking Wallet

The Shamrock Minimalist Wallet has a space for all your cards and cash, but not much else. (And that’s a good thing if you’ve ever been on a pocket diet.) You can get it in two forms — the $12.75 version without RFID protection and the $16 version with. Personally, we’d opt for the extra $3.25 because we don’t like the idea of the ne’er-do-wells stealing our credit card information. You can never be too careful!

Cost: $16

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