ZOpro ‘Incredibly Thin’ Case-Integrated Charger for iPhone 5

Oh look – yet another iPhone 5 add-on from the vast sea of Apple accessories. But, given that it’s covered by us here on inStash, you’d think that something about it stood out from the crowd, right? Well, you’d be right.

The base ZOpro iPhone 5 case/charger device is a protective, ultra-slim case + integrated charger for the iPhone 5. It’s inner-lined with silky-soft velvet to mitigate scratches to your sleek phone and sports ‘injection molded’, soft-touch materials on the outside to guard against drops, nicks, and so forth; the iPhone’s buttons are completely unobstructed. Adding to the former perks, the CASE PLUS boasts Magnetic Lens Compatibility and (what the entrepreneur dubs) a ‘Pro Photo & Video Platform’. The PLUS also comes with a near-universally adaptable 1/4-20 tripod mount, handle, and full lens set (wide, macro, fish-eye, etc.). It’s also mountable on your ride’s dash and boasts compatibility for tons of third party accessories like tripods, other dash mounts, camera dollies, sliders and so forth.

The geniuses behind ZOpro are still working on funding to get final production on their invention rolling. So, if you think that this promising little iPhone gadget is for you then check out their progress.

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