Here we are on the home stretch as we power through to another glorious Halloween holiday, and we are starting things off right with these magnificent Zombie Sculptures, now available for pre-order on (where else?) Kickstarter! Each Bust has been sculpted by artist Patrick Goguen in the last few months, with every detail done by hand, and replicated in plaster Hydrocal for you to enjoy.

These sculptures pay homage to some of the great films of the genre. The first step of the process is to seal the clay sculptures with shellac so that they are non-porous and chemically non-reactive. Then silicone rubber is brushed on in layers. That’s followed by plastic, hardened to keep the rubber in shape, and from there each sculpture begins and soon becomes the awesomeness you see before you. These are available in a number of sizes, and once the run is over, the molds will be broken, never to be recreated.