WHY | Wally-Hermes Yacht

WHY Wally-Hermes Yacht

In case the photo didn’t give it away, the WHY (Wally-Hermes Yacht) is the epitome of excess. WHY is a new company from the collective minds of french luxury brand, Hermes, and yacht-maker out of Monaco, Wally. They didn’t want to just create yet another luxury yacht, they wanted to create a moving island that combined the convenience of a boat with the size and sustainability of, well, an island.

Not only is it a behemoth as far size is concerned, but the WHY also has little negative effect on the ocean as it recycles thermal energy along with organic and inorganic wastes. Our favorite feature? When the boat is anchored it creates a calm, flat surface of water behind it that you can use as an olympic-sized pool.

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