As the turntable experiences a widespread resurgence, products like the Miniot Wheel Turntable  become more visible as well. You see, while almost everyone enjoys the “warm” sounds of vinyl, most people agree on one thing: most turntables are downright ugly.

The Miniot Wheel Turntable is able to provide you with the killer vintage-sounding music that you crave in one aesthetically pleasing package by cleverly hiding most of its components under the record itself. Making this possible is an electronically-stabilized belt drive that spins the aluminum platter at a consistently perfect 3.33 rotations per minute, while the out ring itself serves as a means of securing the record and eliminating resonance.

The Miniot Wheel Turntable comes with a tonearm, modified AT95E cartridge, drive, amp, and electronics that sit in a vibration-isolated block within a separate cavity in the platter. All of the aforementioned components are then controlled by a center stick.

Find out more about the Miniot Wheel Turntable and buy your own via the link below.

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