Wacom Inkling | Digital Pen

Wacom Inkling | Digital Pen

Freehand sketching, meet the digital world. Digital world, freehand sketching.

According to Wacom, The Inkling Digital Pen captures a “digital likeness” of sketching-in-progress, which can be later uploaded using an interactive pen display (e.g. Cintiq) or tablet (e.g. Intuos4). Using the included Inkling Sketch Manager software, sketches are also exportable to the likes of Autodesk Sketchbook Pro ’11 or Photoshop. Perhaps the best part? It’ll even work on regular paper, and digital sketches are saveable as BMP, SVG, JPEG, PNG, PDF, or TIFF files.

It has to be asked, though: Where the hell was this awesome innovation during us Gen-X’ers’ (as well as many ‘Millenials’) youths?

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