Shopping (51-60)

Amazon MobileAmazon Mobile (Free): is an unwieldy place to shop. So many choices, so overwhelming. The iPhone apps aims to simplify things by booting into a window that displays only a search bar, links to the Gold Box deals section and the Kindle app for the iPhone, and your recommended items. From there, you can see what’s in your cart, search for new products, check out your wishlist or, if your lucky, try an experimental new feature called “Remembers”. Remembers allows you to shoot a picture of something you see in a store and then save it to If it’s a product they sell, they’ll provide you a link to buy it! Shopping by picture is so easy.

Delivery Status TouchDelivery Status Touch ($4.99): Once you make all those picture purchases on Amazon, you’re going to want to track them. Delivery Status Touch is a beautful application that comes with pre-programmed shipping services to help you track each package easily. Simply enter your tracking number, select the shipper it’s coming from (UPS, DHL, USPS, etc.) and watch the pins on the map move each day your package gets closer. Want to see what the shipping service has to say? With a single tap, the map peels away to reveal the shipper’s website with its own tracking notifications displayed. Other apps can track packages, too, but none are executed as wonderfully as Delivery Status Touch.

WootWatchWootWatch (Free): You’ve heard of, right? The one deal per day website with the occasional “everything must go” Woot! Off? This unoffical app displays the daily deals going down at Woot! proper, as well as,, and And don’t worry about missing a Woot! Off – the app tracks the selling status of each item throughout the event, so you never miss a quick-selling deal by not being at the website. Frugal shoppers beware: this app and its corresponding sites are addicting. Shop at your own risk.

Shop SavvyShop Savvy (Free): In a similar fashion to Amazon’s picture-shopping feature, Shop Savvy uses a picture of almost any item you can take a picture of to find you the cheapest prices of that product from all over the Web. Let’s say you’re in your local Barnes & Noble and you spy a DVD set of some great Humphrey Bogart films. You know you can find the set for cheaper than the $99.99 Barnes & Noble has it, so you shoot a pic in Shop Savvy and the application scours the Internet, finally locating the same DVDs available at a reputable online retailer for $59.99. You just saved $40 by taking a picture!

eBay MobileeBay Mobile (Free): When the App Store first opened, eBay’s mobile app was one of the initial offerings. It was OK at giving you basic search and bidding capabilities, but the interface was lacking and needed some polish. Three years later, eBay has really honed its application into a powerful mobile replacement for the site. Search for items, bid on them or watch specific ones to see how they perform and track your progress for the auctions you’re currently winning. You can also read your messages and view your recent searches. Honestly, with this application, there’s no reason you need to visit the main website ever again.

FastMallFastMall(Free): Malls can be confusing. Which side am I on? Which floor do I need to be on? FastMall is loaded with maps and layouts for popular malls all over the country. They don’t have every mall, but they’re always adding new ones. Also, FastMall makes use of the iPhone’s GPS to tell you exactly where you are in the mall so it’s that much easier to navigate to your desired store. If you’re constantly being dragged to the mall against your will, or you need to do some “get-in-get-out” Christmas shopping, FastMall should be your go-to tool.

Yowza!! Mobile CouponsYowza!! Mobile Coupons (Free): Hyper-local coupons are what this app is all about. Input your zip code and select how far you’re willing to drive for some solid deals from big-name stores, like Guitar Center, the Sports Authority and Pier 1 Imports. Even smaller mom-and-pop shops are have hopped aboard the Yowza!! train, offering local citizens big deals for goods and services. An interesting fact about this particular app: it was developed by Heroes star Greg Grunberg.

CraigsProCraigsPro ($.99): Craigslist is a hideous site that looks like it was never developed past 1996, so when an app like CraigsPro comes along and breathes new life into it, you tend to stop and notice. Peruse your local listings for the crap nobody else wants in a more catalog-styled fashion with prices and photos clearly displayed. Save custom searches for later browsing and even get directions to a posted item using your current GPS location. Now if only Craigslist could make its own site look half as good as this…

GrouponGroupon (Free): Groupon has taken the Web by storm with its insane daily deals. Shoppers everywhere are snagging once-in-a-lifetime coupons from some seriously awesome businesses, which is why this iPhone app is such a lifesaver. Snag the Groupons available nearby and view your previously purchased Groupons from within the application. You can also redeem them with your phone – no printing required! Saving money and the environment – does it get any better?

TargetTarget (Free): Imagine the Target iPhone app as a much more user-friendly and focused version of the Target website. Search the online store, get hours and services for nearby stores, and track baby and wedding registries with ease. The biggest feature, however, is the built-in barcode scanner, which can find pricing details and store availability for a variety of products, as well as add them to your registry. Target wanted to make sure you get the most value out of their app not just at home, but at their stores, too.

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