The Sriracha Cookbook

By Doug Sinclair on August 20, 2011

For a while it was salsa. Then cilantro. Then chipotle. You know what the next new ingredient that has to go into absolutely everything is? Sriracha, also known as rooster sauce! And soon you’ll be happily squirting it onto your ballpark hotdog. Harder to pronounce than ketchup, not nearly as yellow as mustard, sriracha is a mix of chili peppers, vinegar, garlic, sugar, and salt. And until now, it was something you’d put on sushi rolls, pho, and almost nothing else.

But the Sriracha Cookbook aims to change all that. It contains 50 unique recipes that use Sriracha as a primary ingredient. Think about sriracha-glazed chicken wings, sesame-sriracha crusted ahi tuna, and of course, the “ultimate” sriracha burger. 47 more like that, and you’ll be eating sriracha at every meal. Your anatomy will be half sriracha. And you’ll be loving it.

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