What’s the point of a doorbell if your visitors don’t press it? None…until Ring introduced Video Doorbell 2. This doorbell has a motion sensor, so when it detects motion, it chimes. Yup, no need to press.

But isn’t that annoying when your housemates go in and out of your house several times per day?

Ring preempted that, so you’re given the option to turn off motion detection at your specified time.

And since it is not enough that we know there is someone at the door, Ring included a video camera so we know who’s there through our smartphone. What’s cool about it is that even when you’re not home, you can see who’s trying to get in your house. You also get to talk to the visitor with the built in mic and speaker as long as the doorbell and your phone are connected to the Internet.

But the best part would probably be the easy installation. This doorbell runs on rechargeable batteries (which, by the way, lasts for up to 12 months on a single charge), so you don’t have to bother installing wires. Just install the angled bracket provided then attach the doorbell. In ten minutes, you’re done.

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