If Michael Bay ever directed a buddy-cop movie starring MacGyver and Optimus Prime, it’s safe to say he’d have difficulty deciding whether the Spyderco Byrdrench Multitool should be a prop or a character. Made of stainless steel and weighing in at almost eight ounces, the Byrdrench packs enough variety in it to make it indispensable in almost any situation.

Built into the Spyderco Byrdrench Multitool are:

  • a full-sized knife blade with one-handed open/close action
  • slip joint pliers with large and small bites
  • four screwdriver bits, including #2 and #3 Phillips-heads and #1 and #2 flat-heads
  • a rough file combination hole-starter
  • separating halves to use either the knife and screwdriver independently

The Spiderco Byrdrench Multitool’s halves also extend and lock into place, so you can use the torque magnetized screwdriver at full-size.

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