Hanging out with my friends won’t be complete without doing something funny, crazy, or stupid. But I admit that there are days when we run out of ideas, so we end up arguing about why Dwyane Wade being reunited with LeBron is a desperate move.

When we get too drunk, our topic zeroes in on why Joey and Rachel is a better pair than Ross and Rachel.

So, obviously one of us had to find another way to pass our time, and the Spin the Shot is what I found.

Spin the Shot is spin the bottle for the drunkards. Hence, instead of a bottle, you get a shot glass placed on a base with an arrow.


You then spin this arrow and whoever it points to afterward will drink whatever is on the shot glass. You may also make up the rules. It doesn’t matter.

I and my friends would still have the truth or dare kind of game. We pour a killer drink on the shot glass then whoever dies first, loses.

Joking aside, you can come up with any rule, punishment, and anything in between. This is also a subtle way to force your kids to drink milk or medicine (like what my friend did). Be warned, though, you have to drink them yourself if the arrow points at you.

The shot glass included holds 2 ounces of liquid or 60 milliliters. If you’re worried the glass will tip over while spinning, you may remove it before you spin.

Barbuzzo also offers other options such as the Retro and Middle Finger Spin the Shot. There’s also the Hammer Shot where you’ll be asked to do some tasks—push up, singing, telling a joke, etc.—after hitting the hammer.


Another option is the Roulette where you fill four shot glasses with whatever liquid you want. You then spin the roulette then do as it says. Or the classic Spin the Bottle where the dares are already listed down so you don’t have to make one up yourselves. Then there’s the Wheel of Shots where you spin the wheel then do as it says.