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Space Invaders Chess Set

By Aric Mitchell on February 4, 2013

We know, we know. More Space Invaders!? Hey, give us a break. Last you heard us talk about the little guys, it was a pretty sweet friggin’ couch. This time we’ve got something to tickle your sense of gaming. We give you the Space Invader Chess Set – or rather, NMI Laser does in a new Kickstarter campaign.

Each of the 32 game pieces is laser cut from acrylic. The game board comes in four interlocking pieces, and the entire thing works together for a colorful, futuristic, and oddly nostalgic-looking marriage of style and competition. What is it about Space Invaders these days? Seems like it makes a better anything-else than it does an actual video game. Oh well. The little guys have finally crossed over into popular culture. Let’s not even analyze.

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