Sony 3D Bloggie HD Camera

Sony 3D Bloggie HD Camera

If you took one thing away from Sony’s presence at CES 2011, it was “3D” Apparently, there are no other innovations right now other than 3D. I wouldn’t be surprised if Terms of Endearment 3 was filmed in 3D.

Sony has updated their popular Bloggie handheld camcorder to record video in high-definition 1080p 3D, making it the cheapest video camera to record in three dimensions on the market. Of course, you’ll still need a 3D television and compatible HDMI cable to view your footage, but if you’re buying the new Bloggie anyway, you probably already know that.

Other features include face-detection (2D only), SteadyShot image-stabilization and a 5-megapixel still image lens, among other things.

At $250, this is still a solid camcorder, even if you don’t have a 3D TV. I just wish Sony would change the name – “Bloggie” is so 2001.

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