Who doesn’t remember those fun-filled, mosquito-feasting camping trips out in the open wilderness? And the crackling campfires we used to lovingly roast our S’Mores (yet usually only solo marshmallows at the end of a stick) over?

The S’More To Love S’More Maker (clever name, by the way) is just what it looks and sounds like—a marshmallowey, chocolaty, ooey-gooey campfire treat maker. The only catch is, no campfire (or raging bonfire, whatever your style may be) is required. The basket-like S’More Maker accommodates up to six S’Mores via locking slots (for you neat-freaks) and can be used in the oven, on the grill, and yes—even by the campfire, provided you find a suitable device to hold the large basket over a blazin’ hot fire.

Included with the S’More Maker is a type of injector (think “turkey baster”, folks), dubbed the ‘Marshmallow Blaster’, that lets you inject any sort of tasty extra (e.g. creamy chocolate, Irish creme) directly into the marshmallow.