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By Michael Bock on January 6, 2012

Okay, okay I know what you’re probably thinking—”just another gimmick to sucker my money from me”. Don’t worry, though, that was even yours truly’s initial judgement.

Slimmy: It bills itself (dig the obvious pun, yeah?) as “The Slimmest Front Pocket Wallet On Earth”, and claims “faster and more secure” access than a bulky, bulgy, traditional wallet. Slimmy sports three side-by-side spaces and touts that its unstitched (on one side) pockets negate having to fold items. Like its counterparts, “regular” wallets, though, Slimmy only stores drivers licenses, business cards, debit/credit cards, receipts and so forth.

I’m not sure about the next guy, but I still prefer the traditional, butt-clinging wallet for now—even as James Bond-ish as Slimmy’s operation might seem.

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