Skeletonics are riding robots that allow you to extend your manual dexterity and body motion beyond the realms of what an ordinary person can do. That means when you slide in to one of these things, you’re larger and more terrifying than you ever would be in daily life.

The Japanese company behind Skeletonics chose South by Southwest for their US debut. Panasonic is working on something similar that should be a better buy — the Skeletonics suits currently cost around $50k and there are only five in existence while Panasonic’s will cost $5k and allow you to lift 220 pounds and run five miles per hour with ease. Since Skeletonics’ suit is just human-powered, we doubt it’ll be able to do any of that, but should you choose Panasonic’s, good luck not getting the National Guard called on you for being a rampaging mechwarrior nuisance.

Here are the Skeletonics in action: