Here’s yet another ‘toy’ for all you Star Wars/science junkies.

From Wicked Lasers comes one of the first double-handed lasers. The Dual Bladed Laser fires not only forwards, but get this, it shoots backwards as well: based on the already kickass, yet very controversial, Spyder 3 laser (from Wicked Lasers).

The Dark Side laser boasts:

  • A powerful laser, boosted by an additional beam of energy
  • A Spyder-specific inter-connector, which enables the double-blade laser action
  • A safety mechanism (dubbed ‘SmartSwitch’) that prevent accidents and ensure others cannot use it for evil
  • 2000mW of raw power and a 5.0 millimeter beam diameter

Its beam travels up to 6,856 meters and the unit operates off a rechargeable lithium-ion battery (included, as it damn well should be for the generous $$) that produces 3.7 volts. Low, High, Pulsating, and Constant constitute the different wave modes, and the body is constructed of aircraft-grade aluminum and finished off with military-spec, Type III anodized alloy.

Use with caution, though! It’ll easily cause eye damage and even blindness if it hits your retina. Maybe that’s why they include protective glasses, eh?