Self-professed science geek Zachary Weiner’s latest book, SCIENCE: Ruining Everything Since 1543 is the latest comic strip collection from Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, and it promises to be a doozy. Weiner is adding content based on certain milestones reached on the Kickstarter project. He set out for a $20,000 goal and as of today, has earned about 600% of it.

With each goal reached, Weiner is adding more to the book, so there’s no telling how huge this behemoth will be by the end of the next 27 days. If you haven’t checked out the SMBC cartoons, they’re light, breezy fun. You may not want to get it for the Creationist in your life, though the strips make just as much fun of geeks as anything else. If you can laugh at yourself – or laugh, period – then you’re sure to enjoy. For one price, you can get the eBook and a paper copy. Good deal!